Vertical Transportation Solution

These are the most common type of lifts used in the buildings. In today's day and age, buildings which have more than 2 doors generally have these types of lifts.

Passenger Lifts usually come in all sizes as per the weight and size required. These lifts range between 2 to 20 people. They are installed in Villas, Residential Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Shopping malls or any other building.

Today, people believe that having an elevator appreciates the value of the building.They can be either geared or gearless, with or without a machine room or hydraulic, depending on the available overhead and pit dimensions. We also install lifts that can be used by handicap and blind people with bigger and barrier-free entrances having Braille markings on the buttons.

These lifts can be with manual doors or automatic doors in various styles and designs to go with the aesthetics of the building or bungalow as per the client's requirements.

Criteria Capsule Lift Passenger Lift
Preferred Location for Installation Installed on the exterior face or Lobby of building No particular preference, wherever civil structure/space is available
Material for Car walls Large Glass Panels are used to provide Panoramic view from a capsule lift Opaque metal are used without any preference for view
Interior Design and Facilities Plush interiors with multi features to leave a lasting impression on guest Standard features and Basic amenities with more emphasis on occupying max. passengers
Material of lift and Design Carefully chosen material and design which could enhance the aesthetic and look of building Ergonomically designed, best suited for operations and space utilization
Manufacturing Capsule Lift Manufacturing Requires special knowledge and state of art technology Does not require any special additional skill set

Special functions
for the handicapped
fulfill equal carrying
in a harmonious space

Types of Manual Door

Manual Full Glass Door

Imperforated Door

S.S. Two Fold Telescopic Door

M.S. Two Fold Telescopic Door

M.S. Swing Door


Hoistway Elevation Plan

Hoistway Elevation Drawing


Size can be customised as per requirements all dimensions are in mm

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